50 Great Rory-Lorelai Exchanges From ‘Gilmore Girls’

All my inspiration to write and the beginnings of my wittiness stemmed from this show.

Thought Catalog

Fans of Gilmore Girls know that Gilmore Girls has great dialogue, so much of it that the scripts were twice as long as normal TV scripts. It’s why they talked so fast. But at the center of all the chatter was the indispensable relationship between a mother and daughter, best friends who happened to share jeans.

As a tribute to the fabulous women of the family Gilmore, these are some of the best conversations Rory and Lorelai had on the show. I picked mostly from the first five seasons, only because the last two seasons included April, the Dawn Summers of Stars Hollow. You can’t sit with us, April.

1. Rory: The house is burning and you can save the cake or me. Which do you save?

Lorelai: That’s not fair. The cake doesn’t have legs.

2. Lorelai: You have to sleep. It’s what keeps you pretty.

Rory: Who cares…

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