Downton Abbey: Top 10 Trademarks.

The wait for Downton Abbey’s third season is taking its toll on my patience. Ever since Hugh Bonneville’s amazing “Free Bates” t-shirt stunt on the PBS stage and the whopping 16 Emmy nominations, I’ve been scouring the interweb for any tidbits of info about season three. Unfortunately for my insatiable curiosity, it turns out that everyone’s taking this secrecy thing prett-ay seriously.

So, what do we know? After some serious investigative gossip-scrounging I have uncovered the following scraps of information:


Grantham admits to Cora that the family wealth has been lost. The troubles of Ireland are said to be a major plotline, spearheaded by the rebellious Tom Branson. Mary and Matthew marry, but their angst-ridden relationship continues. Edith is also set to be married, but very few details on that. And finally, a verbal sparring partner for Dowager Countess Violet arrives in the form of Cora’s quick-witted mother, Martha, played by Shirley McLean.

Not much to go on. I need a promo trailer, stat!


So, while we kill time till the season premiere, why not review a few iconic trademarks of the show we’ve grown to love and cherish from seasons past?

And, here we go, the top 10 Downton Abbey trademarks:

10. O’Brien’s afro-bangs – The Downton Abbey equivalent of Professor Quirrel’s turban. Beware: evil lurks within.

9. Mary Crawley’s, “Oh, Granny.” and accompanying eyeroll – Because exasperation must be both seen and heard.

8. Cora’s pronunciation of, “Robert” (Raw-bhURt) and “Carson” (CAHR-sun) – Because nothing says “American accent” like butchering vowel pronunciation.

7. Branson’s trousers – unfortunately, Mr.Branson’s old uniform is gone for good next season!

6. Extremely furtive glances – Never use words when twenty glances in eight random directions will do – especially when things are angst-ridden!

5. Carson’s eyebrows – Currently they’re negotiating for their own salary and contract. Man, are those things expressive!

4. Daisy’s perpetual confusion – She’s always torn between one thing or another – a true heroine!

3. Matthew Crawley’s jawline-less beauty – I am such a fan.

2. The “Thomas” pout – Maybe he’s born with it …

1.Violet’s spunky one-liners. My personal favourite:

Carlisle: I’ll be leaving in the morning, Lady Grantham. I doubt we shall meet again.

Violet: Do you promise?

And if those good ol’ memories weren’t enough to satiate your Downton craving, Jimmy Fallon’s Downton Sixbey should preoccupy you for a long while. The plot is remarkably similar (despite a few key nuances); the show follows the inner workings of the upstairs-downstairs folk involved in a well-known Late Night Talkshow family. Plenty of drama ensues, with a familiar cast of characters – take a look:

Any other iconic and note-worthy moments, trademarks or one-liners?


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